As told by Anil Maharjan

I was sitting in the back of a jeep, trying to hold on for dear life as we drove on unpaved, dirt roads from the location of the new housing project of the Dhulikhel Rotary near Sindhupalchok. In between bumps, yelling at the top of my lungs, I started to explain my idea.  No one had any clue what I was talking about, but the idea became The Asha Project.  
This new idea was based off one of the few words I knew in Nepalese, Asha means Hope.
A single word that signifies endless possibilities.

When we went to Nepal in 2016, we were focused on building houses. Heck, we had named our organization Homes of Hope Nepal to reflect this desire. However, we saw that a house was only the beginning. Rebuilding a house only returned people to where they were before the earthquake. What we wanted was to instill a sense of hope for the future.
While The Asha Project is now only a little over a year old at this point, the Chairman of the project, Tulsi Maharjan, has been completing projects in Nepal since 1990. As the founder of Friends of Nepal – New Jersey, he has spent the last 25 years, not only giving resources and time to people in Nepal, but providing guidance and a community to Nepali people in America. In this time, he has received 15 Rotary International matching grants for water purification, computers to schools, micro-credit loans, library projects, health clinics, and environmental projects.
The foundation for our project has been imagined, constructed, and implemented over this time. What you see today is merely a new way of presenting our goals.
While we understand that we will never be the biggest organization, we know that our many years of friendships, partnerships, and experience, along with the endless dedication of our team will provide the most crucial resources, hope.


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